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so far with the site, i'm building it in raw html lol, there's zero js so far. a friend recommended hugo for a personal site like this. i want to keep it as simple as possible. might look at hugo, or i might make my trademark move and build a crappy tool from scratch just because. i've never really used go, but i read their docs one morning for like an hour-and-a-half. so i should be ready to build something with it

it'll be interesting to see how it goes with just copilot and my gpt shell setup. go's supposed to be really simple, in a good way, so maybe i'll get up to speed like immediately

anyway, i do want to try out go's templates, so that's on the list to do soon

in other news, had an idea today. i think i'll work on that in conjunction with the custom template engine thing bc they go together

i'm publishing a website today. this is the website

content tbd. will likely be a mix of side projects, tools, short form essays, research